Online Korean Course

Free Online Korean Language Course

Welcome to our FREE online Korean language course. If you’re just starting to learn Korean, and you want to learn online at your own pace, then you’ve come to the right place. Each lesson includes easy-to-follow explanations, lots of examples, and a free PDF so you can study Korean anytime, anywhere.

The course below starts with a lesson on how to read the Korean alphabet, followed by 20 lessons on essential Korean grammar and vocabulary. By the end of the first 20 lessons, you’ll be able to make your own sentences in both the present and the past tense. You’ll also be able to talk about the day, date, and time, and be able to ask for things and make suggestions.

Level 1: (20 Lessons)

Lesson 0: How To Read Korean
Lesson 1: 은/는 예요/이에요 (to be equal to)
Lesson 2: 이/가 있어요/없어요 (to have / there is)
Lesson 3: 아/어/여요 (present tense)
Lesson 4: 에 (location/time particle)
Lesson 5: 을/를 (object marking particle)
Lesson 6: 이/가 + adjective
Lesson 7: 안 (not)
Lesson 8: 았/었/였어요 (past tense)
Lesson 9: 에서 (location)
Lesson 10: 부터/에서 ~ 까지 (from ~ to )
Lesson 11: 하고 (and/with)
Lesson 12: (으)세요 (please do)
Lesson 13: (으)ㄹ까요 (shall we)
Lesson 14: 고 싶어요 (want to)
Lesson 15: 요일 (days of the week)
Lesson 16: Sino-Korean Numbers
Lesson 17: Date
Lesson 18: Native Korean Numbers
Lesson 19: Korean Counters
Lesson 20: Time

Level 2: (20 Lessons)

Lesson 21: (으)ㄹ 거예요 (Future Tense)
Lesson 22: 고 있어요 (Present Progressive Tense)
Lesson 23: 이/가 아니에요 (It’s not)
Lesson 24: 지 마세요 (Don’t)
Lesson 25: 아/어/여야 돼요 (Should / Must)
Lesson 26: (으)ㄹ 수 있어요/없어요 (Can/Can’t)
Lesson 27: 도 (too/also)
Lesson 28: 의 (Possessive Particle)
Lesson 29: 만 (Only/Just)
Lesson 30: (으)로 (way/method)
Lesson 31: (이)나 / 거나 (or)
Lesson 32: 그리고 / 고 (and/and then)
Lesson 33: 그래서 and 아/어/여서 (Therefore/so)
Lesson 34: (이)라서 (Therefore/so 2)
Lesson 35: 하지만, 그렇지만, 지만 (But/However)
Lesson 36: 그러면 (if so / in that case / then)
Lesson 37: 이, 그, 저 (this/that in Korean)
Lesson 38: 걸려요 (It takes…(time)
Lesson 39: 위치 표현 (Location Words)
Lesson 40: Korean Question Words

Level 3: (20 Lessons)

Lesson 41: (이)지요, 지요 (Question Tags)
Lesson 42: 아/어/여도 돼요 (may / allowed to)
Lesson 43: (으)면 안 돼요 (may not / should not)
Lesson 44: (으)ㄹ게요 (will/going to)
Lesson 45: 아/어/여요 2 (Let’s)
Lesson 46: (이)네요, 네요 (Expressing Surprise)
Lesson 47: 때, (으)ㄹ 때 (at/during/when)
Lesson 48: 후에, (으)ㄴ 후에 (after)
Lesson 49: 전에, 기 전에 (before)
Lesson 50: (으)면 (if/when)
Lesson 51: (으)ㄴ+N (Noun Modifier)
Lesson 52: 는 것 (changing verbs to nouns)
Lesson 53: 동안 (for/during)
Lesson 54: 한테/에게, 에 (to)
Lesson 55: 한테서/에게서, 에서 (from)
Lesson 56: 쯤/정도, 한/약 (about/approximately)
Lesson 57: 보다, 더 (comparing things)
Lesson 58: 제일, 가장 (the most / the best)
Lesson 59: 거 / 게 / 걸 / 건
Lesson 60: Sickness And Symptoms