Welcome to our FREE online Korean language course. If you’re just starting to learn Korean, and you want to learn online at your own pace, then you’ve come to the right place. Each lesson includes easy-to-follow explanations, lots of examples, and a free PDF so you can study Korean anytime anywhere.

The course below starts with a lesson on how to read the Korean alphabet, followed by 20 lessons on essential Korean grammar and vocabulary. By the end of the first 20 lessons, you’ll be able to make your own sentences in both the present and the past tense. You’ll also be able to talk about the day, date and time, and be able to ask for things and make suggestions.

Lesson 21: (으)ㄹ 거예요 (Future Tense)
Lesson 22: 고 있어요 (Present Progressive Tense)
Lesson 23: 이/가 아니에요 (It’s not)
Lesson 24: 지 마세요 (Don’t)
Lesson 25: 아/어/여야 돼요 (Should / Must)
Lesson 26: (coming soon)
Lesson 27: (coming soon)
Lesson 28: (coming soon)
Lesson 29: (coming soon)
Lesson 30: (coming soon)
Lesson 31: (coming soon)
Lesson 32: (coming soon)
Lesson 33: (coming soon)
Lesson 34: (coming soon)
Lesson 35: (coming soon)
Lesson 36: (coming soon)
Lesson 37: (coming soon)
Lesson 38: (coming soon)
Lesson 39: (coming soon)
Lesson 40: (coming soon)