Stationery In Korean – (문구류) | Useful Korean Words About Stationery

/ / Stationery In Korean – (문구류) | Useful Korean Words About Stationery
Stationery In Korean - 문구류

In this Korean vocabulary lesson, you will learn words to do with stationery in Korean. Learning Korean vocabulary to do with stationery can be very useful, especially if you are studying in Korea. Once you have learned these words for stationery in Korean, you will be able to talk about stationery and ask for the stationery you want in a stationery store.

Below you will find a list of stationery in Korean with the English translation. You’ll also find some free flashcards and a worksheet to help you learn these words.

Stationery In Korean

The word for stationery in Korean is 문구류. You may also see the word 문방구 in the dictionary when looking up the word stationery. Although 문방구 does mean stationery, these days 문방구 is more commonly used to refer to a stationery store you find near a school for children. Another common word for a stationery store in Korean is 문구점.

Here is a list of useful words about stationery in Korean (문구류). These are all things you can buy at a stationery store.

  • 문구류 / 문방구 = stationery
  • 문구점 / 문방구 = stationery store
  • 연필 = pencil
  • 필통 = pencil case
  • 볼펜 = ball pen
  • 지우개 = eraser
  • 가위 = scissors
  • 칼 = knife
  • 연필깎이 = pencil sharpener
  • 풀 = glue
  • 마커 = marker
  • 종이 = paper
  • 크레파스= crayon
  • 책 = book
  • 공책 = notebook
  • 자 = ruler
  • 사전 = dictionary
  • 샤프 = mechanical pen
  • 샤프심 = mechanical pencil lead
  • 도장 = stamp
  • 싸인펜 = felt tip pen
  • 색연필 = color pencil
  • 색종이 = color paper
  • 계산기 = calculator

Stationary In Korean – Flashcards And Worksheet

Stationery In Korean 문구류 - Flashcards

To help you study these words about stationery in Korean, you can download these printable flashcards and a worksheet for free.

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