Korean Family Members

In this Korean vocabulary lesson, you will learn Korean words to do with members of the family. The word for family in Korean is 가족 [Ga-jok]. Family is very important in Korea and the way Koreans call their family members is a little different from the way English speakers refer to members of the family. Specifically, the words for brother and sister in Korean are different depending on whether they are older or younger than the speaker, and whether or not the speaker is male or female.

On this page, we will teach you 12 words about members of the family in Korean. Each family word has both English and Korean translations, plus audio so you can check the correct pronunciation. Try to read each word out loud and then listen to the audio to check the correct pronunciation. Once you have practiced enough, try this review quiz to see how many of these words about the family in Korean you can remember.

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Family Members In Korean

Here is a list of vocabulary to do with the family in Korean.

elder brother (of a man)
elder brother (of a woman)오빠
elder sister (of a man)누나
elder sister (of a woman)언니
younger brother(남)동생
younger sister(여)동생
I, me, myself

Print flashcards and a worksheet to help you learn the names of members of the family in Korean.

Review Quiz

Already know these words for family in Korean? Try this review quiz to see how many you can remember.