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List Of Korean Names

List Of Korean Names | Popular Male And Female Korean Names

Want to make your own Korean name? Then check out this list of Korean names. Choosing a Korean name for yourself can help you feel more connected with Korean culture and can also help with day to day things if you are living in Korea. Coming up with a Korean name, however, can be difficult….
Good Morning In Korean

Do Koreans Say ‘Good Morning’?

Many Korean language learners who live and work in Korean, or have Korean friends, want to know how to say good morning in Korean. In English, it is very common to say good morning to greet someone when you first see them at the start of the day. But do Koreans say good morning? Although…
Congratulations In Korean

How To Say Congratulations In Korean

There are many instances in which you might want to say congratulations in Korean. You may want to congratulate someone in Korean at their graduation or when they pass a test. Or perhaps you want to congratulate a Korean friend on their birthday, when they get married, or when they have a baby. Luckily, learning…
Money in Korean

Money In Korean – How To Count Korean Money

If you are learning Korean or intend to visit Korea, learning about money in Korean is essential. When visiting stores, restaurants, coffee shops, buying train/bus tickets, etc, you will inevitably have to talk about price and how much things cost. To do so, you need to know about money in Korean and how to count…
Korean YouTube Channels For Learning Korean

5 Fantastic Korean YouTube Channels For Learning Korean In 2021

Subscribing to Korean YouTube channels for learning Korean is a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary and expressions, and to improve your overall Korean language skills. When learning any new language it is important to listen to a wide variety of real, authentic communication in that language. Of course, when learning Korean it would be…
What Does Seonbae mean? 선배

What Does Seonbae (선배) Mean?

If you study or work in Korea, or if you watch Korean dramas, you have probably heard some people address others as 선배 (Seonbae) in Korean. If you’re wondering “What does Seonbae mean?”, then you’re not alone. Our Korean teachers are asked about the meaning of Seonbae all the time. So, What does Seonbae (선배)…
Merry Christmas In Korean

10 Ways To Say Merry Christmas In Korean

Tis the season for Christmas greetings! With Christmas just around the corner, many Korean learners want to know how to say Merry Christmas in Korean so that they can wish their Korean friends and family a Merry Christmas. In this post, we will teach you 10 different ways to say Merry Christmas in Korean and…
When To use Sino and native Korean Numbers

When To Use Sino And Native Korean Numbers

As you may be aware, Korean has two number systems. Sino-Korean numbers and native Korean numbers. These different number systems are used in different situations when speaking in Korean. It can be a little confusing for Korean learners to know when to use Sino and native Korean numbers. In this post, you will learn when…
How To Write The Date In Korean

How To Write The Date In Korean | Korean Date Format

When learning Korean, there will inevitably come a time when you need to write the date in Korean. As you’re probably aware, different countries around the world write the date in different formats, and Korea is no different. In this post, we will teach you how to write the date in Korean and the correct…
What Koreans Say Before Eating

What Koreans Say Before Eating

If you know anything about Korea, you know that eating is a huge part of Korean culture and life in Korea. Eating is often a shared experience with family or friends where people would share a table and share food. Unlike in western culture where each person would just get a plate of food, in…
Best Books To Learn The Korean Alphabet

Best Books To Learn The Korean Alphabet

The first step every learner must take when they start to study Korean is to learn how to read the Korean alphabet. Although you can easily learn the Korean alphabet online for free, many learners prefer to study with a physical book. There are many books out there to learn the Korean alphabet, some better…
What Does Oppa Mean - 오빠

What Does Oppa Mean (오빠)?

If you are living in Korea, watch Korean Dramas, or are learning Korean online, you have probably heard the word ‘Oppa’ (오빠) a lot and wondered what it means. In this post, you will learn the meaning of Oppa, how to use the word Oppa, and what it means when a girl calls you Oppa…
I miss You In Korean

“I Miss You” In Korean

Want to tell that special someone ‘I miss you!” in Korean? In this post, we will teach you how to say “I miss you” in Korean so you can tell the ones you love that you are thinking of them. You’ll learn the informal, polite, and formal ways to say “I miss you” in Korean,…
How Are You In Korean

How To Say “How Are You?” In Korean And How To Answer

If you have been studying Korean you may have noticed that there is no direct translation to ‘How are you?’ in Korean. In English, this is a common expression and is usually used to greet someone or simply to say hello in a polite way. However, there is no direct translation to ‘How are you?’…
What Does Babo Mean In Korean

What Does Babo Mean in Korean?

Babo (바보) is a Korean word which, depending on the intention of the speaker, can be playful or offensive. If you are learning Korean and often speak with native Korean speakers, watch K-dramas, or listen to K-pop, you have probably heard the word Babo and wondered ‘What does Babo mean in Korean?‘. In this post…
Why Do Koreans Say Fighting

Why Do Koreans Say Fighting?

If you watch Korean sports events, Korean dramas, or listen to Kpop bands like BTS, you have probably heard them say ‘fighting’ (화이팅) a lot. Although ‘화이팅’ sounds similar to the English word ‘fighting’, when Koreans say ‘fighting’ they are not talking about a physical fight. So, why do Koreans say fighting? ‘Fighting’ (pronounced hwaiting)…
Who In Korean

Who In Korean | Questions in Korean With Who

Being able to make questions in Korean is essential if you are to communicate successfully. There are many question words in Korean, corresponding to who, what, where, when, and how. In this lesson, you will learn how to make questions in Korean with ‘who’. You’ll learn 6 different ways to say ‘who’ in Korean, and…
Happy birthday In Korean

Korean Birthday Wishes | Happy Birthday In Korean

Wishing someone a happy birthday in Korean is a great way to show your Korean friends, loved ones, and co-workers that you care. As you are probably aware, in Korean there are different levels of politeness and so there are different ways to say happy birthday in Korean depending on who you are talking to….
Classroom Korean

Classroom Korean | 30 Useful Classroom Korean Expressions

Whether you’re learning Korean in a classroom, or you are a teacher teaching Korean students, learning classroom Korean can be incredibly useful. If you’re learning Korean in a classroom, by learning classroom Korean expressions you’ll be able to understand you’re Korean teacher’s instructions and follow along with the lesson better. Or if you’re teaching English…
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