How Much Is It? In Korean

In this lesson you will learn how to say “How much is it?” in Korean and how to answer.

Learning to say ‘How much is it?’ in Korean is essential if you ever want to buy something in a store or restaurant in Korea. Understanding this useful phrase will enable you to check the price of things in many different everyday situations.

The key words and expressions you will learn in this lesson are:

  • 얼마예요? (eol-ma-ye-yo?) – How much is it?
  • (won) – won (the currency of Korea)
  • 천원이에요 (i-cheon-won-i-ye-yo) – It’s one thousand won.

The Korean words in this lesson are written in both Hangul and English. If you’ve not yet learned how to read the Korean alphabet, check out our complete Korean alphabet guide to help you learn how to read in Korean.

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‘How much is it?’ In Korean

얼마예요? (eol-ma-ye-yo?) – How much is it?

‘How much is it?’ in Korean is 얼마예요? Click on the audio below to check how to pronounce 얼마예요.

The question ‘얼마예요?’ is made up of 얼마 (how much) + 예요 (is / is equal to).

In the previous lesson you learned ‘뭐예요?’ (What is it?). You have probably noticed that ‘얼마예요?’ and ‘뭐예요?’ both have the same ending (예요).

To review, 예요 and 이에요 both mean ‘is’ in the sense of ‘is equals to’, and if the preceding syllable ends in a vowel, then 예요 is used.

So, 얼마예요 literally means ‘How much is it (equal to)?’

It’s One Thousand Won

The currency of South Korea is the South Korean Won (₩).

The answer the question ‘얼마예요?’ (How much is it?) follows the following structure:

Number + Currency + 이에요.

So to say ‘It’s ₩1000.’ in Korean you would say (thousand) + (South Korean Currency) + 이에요 (is equals to).

Here are some examples.

It’s 100.백원이에요.
It’s 500.오백원이에요.
It’s 1000.천원이에요.
It’s 2000.이천원이에요.
It’s 2500.이천오백원이에요.
It’s 10,000.만원이에요.
It’s 22,500.이만이천오백원이에요.

Numbers In Korean

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