Cell Phone In Korean

“Cell Phone” In Korean And Related Expressions

These days almost everyone, especially in Korea, has a cell phone and so Korean learners can certainly benefit by learning how to say “Cell Phone” in Korean. In this short lesson, you will learn how to say “cell phone” in Korean and useful expressions you can use while using and talking on a mobile phone in Korean. Let’s get started.

How To Say “Cell Phone” In Korean

So, how do you say “Cell Phone” in Korean? The word for cell phone in Korean is 핸드폰 [haen-deu-pon]. As you can see, 핸드폰 is a lot like the words ‘hand’ and ‘phone’, and that’s because 핸드폰 is ‘Konglish’ (Korean word borrowed from English). Listen to the audio below to hear how to pronounce this word.

Useful Expressions Using “Cell Phone” In Korean

Now that you know how to say the word ‘Cell Phone’, here are some useful Korean expressions you can use when talking about your cell phone in Korean:

Do you have a cell phone?핸드폰이 있어요?
Where’s me cell phone?핸드폰이 어디 있어요?
What kind of cell phone do you have?어떤 핸드폰 있어요?
I have a Samsung cell phone.삼성 핸드폰 있어요.
Can I use your cell phone?핸드폰 써도 돼요?

Related Cell Phone Expressions

For more useful Korean words and expressions about cell phones in Korean, check out these great videos from one of our teachers, Korean Arah. In these videos she discusses everyday expressions you can use when using your cell phone.