How To Say Korea In Korean

The Correct Way To Say Korea In Korean

If you’re a fan of Korea and all things Korean then you will probably find it useful to learn how to say Korea in Korean. Below, not only will you learn how to say Korea in Korean, but we will also teach you some related words such as South Korea, North Korea, Korean language, and Korean person.

To teach you these words, we will use both Hangul (Korean characters) and romanized letters. If you’ve not learned the Korean alphabet yet, check out our complete guide on how to read the Korean alphabet.

How To Say Korea In Korean

Korea In Korean

The Korean word for Korea is 한국 which is pronounced [han-guk]. This word is commonly used by Koreans to refer to the whole of Korea. Here are some useful example sentences using this word for ‘Korea’ in Korean:

  • 한국에 가고 싶어요. [han-gu-ge ga-go si-peo-yo] = I want to go to Korea.
  • 저는 한국에 있어요. [jeo-neun han-gu-ge i-sseo-yo] = I am in Korea.
  • 저는 한국을 좋아해요. [jeo-neun han-gu-geul jo-a-hae-yo] = I like Korea.

South Korea In Korean

South Korea in Korean is 남한 [nam-han] which is made up of the words (south) and (Korea). However, it is much more common for South Koreans to refer to South Korea as 대한민국 [dae-han-min-guk]. This word is used to refer to the Republic Of Korea. If you’ve ever watched a Korean team compete in the Olympics or another international event, you’ve probably heard the Korean supporters chanting “대한민국!” [dae-han-min-guk].

North Korea In Korean

North Korea in Korean is 북한 which is pronounced [bu-kan]. [buk] means ‘North’ and [han] is the word used to refer to Korea. So together, 북한 is literally ‘North Korea’ in Korean.

Related Words

Here are some related words and examples you may find useful:

Korean Language In Korean

The word for ‘Korean language’ in Korean is 한국어 which is pronounced [han-gu-geo]. This is made up of the word 한국 (Korea) and the word (language). Here are some useful example sentences using the word for Korean language in Korean:

  • 저는 한국어 공부하고 있어요. [jeo-neun han-gu-geo gong-bu-ha-go i-sseo-yo] = I am studying Korean.
  • 한국어는 너무 어려워요. [han-gu-geo-neun neo-mu eo-ryeo-wo-yo] = Korean is too difficult.
  • 저는 한국어를 잘 못해요. [jeo-neun han-gu-geo-reul jal mo-tae-yo] = I am not good at Korean.

Korean Person In Korean

When you want to say ‘Korean’ as in ‘Korean person’ in Korean you can say 한국 사람 [han-guk sa-ram] or 한국인 [han-guk-in]. Both of these words literally mean ‘Korean person’ in Korean. The difference between 한국 사람 and 한국인 is that 한국 사람 uses the native Korean word for ‘person’ (사람) whereas 한국인 uses the Sino-Korean character to say ‘person’. Here are some useful example sentences using the word for ‘Korean person’ in Korean:

  • 한국 사람이에요? [han-guk sa-ra-mi-e-yo?] = Are you Korean?
  • 그 학생 한국인이에요. [geu hak-saeng han-gu-gi-ni-e-yo] = That student is Korean.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a better understanding of how to say ‘Korea” in Korean. Before you go, don’t forget to check out our other lessons on Korean FAQ and Korean Phrases to learn more useful Korean you can use in everyday life.