Korean Prepositions

Korean ‘Prepositions’ | 위치 표현

In this Korean vocabulary lesson, you will learn ‘Korean prepositions‘ to describe the location of something. You’ll learn the Korean words for on, in, under, in front of, behind, left, right, and between.

In English, the words that are used to describe the location of something are called ‘prepositions of place’. Technically, in Korean, there are no ‘prepositions’ as the words to describe location appear in the post position. That is to say, the word to describe the location of something in Korean appears after the noun.

So, a better word to describe ‘Korean prepositions’ would be ‘Korean location words’. Below you’ll find a list of these ‘Korean prepositions’ / ‘location words’ to help you learn how to describe the location of something in Korean.

Korean Location Words

Here is a list of prepositions of place in Korean / Korean location words:

  • = on
  • = in
  • = under
  • = in front
  • = behind
  • 왼쪽 = left
  • 오른쪽 = right
  • 사이 = between
  • = next to
  • = outside

Try this fun review quiz to help you memorize these words.

Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences using these ‘Korean prepositions’ / ‘Korean location words’. Note that all these sentences include the location marking particle 에 after the location word. To learn how to use this location marking particle, check out our lesson on the location marking particle 에.

Korean Prepositions - on

상자 에 있어요. – It’s on the box.

Korean Prepositions - in

상자 에 있어요. – It’s in the box.

Korean Prepositions - under

벤치 에 있어요. – It’s under the bench.

Korean Prepositions - in front

에 있어요. – It’s in front of the car.

Korean Prepositions - behind

자전거 에 있어요. – It’s behind the bike.

Korean Prepositions - between

상자 사이에 있어요. – It’s between the boxes.

Korean Prepositions - left

나무 왼쪽에 있어요. – It’s left of the tree.

Korean Prepositions - right

나무 오른쪽에 있어요. – It’s right of the tree.

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