Feelings In Korean

In this Korean vocabulary lessons you will learn Korean words to do with feelings. On this page we will teach you 12 common Korean words about feelings and emotions. Each word has both English and Korean translations, plus audio so you can check the correct pronunciation.

Try to read each word out loud and then listen to the audio to check the correct pronunciation. Once you have practiced enough, try the practice exercises below to help you memorize these words about feelings in Korean. You can also find free printable feelings flashcards and a worksheet at the bottom of the page to help you learn these words.

Feelings In Korean – Part 1

Here is a list of 12 words to do with the feelings in Korean.

to be happy기쁘다
to be sad슬프다
to be tired피곤하다
to be scared무섭다
to be sleepy졸리다
to be angry화나다
to be bored심심하다
to be surprised놀랍다
to be comfortable편하다
to be uncomfortable불편하다
to be jealous 부럽다
to be lonely외롭다

Practice Exercise

This practice exercise is designed to help you remember the words for the feelings in Korean. Look at the feelings in English and try to remember the word in Korean. Then hover your mouse (click on mobile) over the word to reveal the Korean word.

to be happy


to be sad


to be tired


to be scared


to be sleepy


to be angry


to be bored


to be surprised


to be comfortable


to be uncomfortable


to be jealous


to be lonely


Feelings In Korean – Flashcards and Worksheet

Here is a set of free printable flashcards and a worksheet to help you learn this Korean vocabulary about feelings and emotions.