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Transportation In Korean Vocabulary

In this vocabulary lesson, you will learn words about transportation in Korean. Below you will find a list of transportation vocabulary in Korean and a list of useful words you can use while using transportation in Korean.

Learning Korean vocabulary about transportation can be incredibly useful, especially if you plan on visiting Korean and getting around via public transport. To help you learn these words, you will also find some free Korean transportation vocabulary flashcards and a worksheet below.

Transportation Vocabulary In Korean

The word for transportation in Korean is 교통. Here is a list of different modes of transport in Korean with the English meaning.

Transportation In KoreanEnglish Meaning

Once you have learned the names of different transportation in Korea, try learning these useful transportation related words. These will be particularly useful when you are travelling around via public transport in Korea.

Korean Transportation VocabularyEnglish Meaning
버스 정류장bus stop
교통 카드transportation card
타다to ride
내리다to get off
갈아타다to transfer
빠르다to be fast
호선line on a subway

Transportation In Korean – Example Sentences

Here are some useful example sentences which include the above transportation vocabulary.

  • 어떻게 출근해요? = How do you go to work?
  • 버스로 가요. = I go by bus.
  • 버스를 타고 가요. = I take the bus.
  • 지하철로 가요. = I go by subway.
  • 지하철을 타고 가요. = I take the subway.
  • 기차로 가요. = I go by train.
  • 기차를 타고 가요. = I take the train.
  • 자전거로 가요. = I go by bike.
  • 자전거를 타고 가요. = I ride a bike.
  • 오토바이로 가요. = I go by motorbike.
  • 오토바이를 타고 가요. = I ride a motorbike.
  • 배로 가요. = I go by ship.
  • 비행기로 가요. = I go by airplane.
  • 비행기를 타고 가요. = I take an airplane.
  • 제 차로 가요. = I go by car.
  • 제 차를 운전해서 가요. = I drive my car.
  • 걸어가요. = I walk.
  • 걸어서 가요. = I go on foot.

To practice pronouncing these transportation words and example sentences, check out this useful video from Korean Arah.

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