Please Give Me In Korean

In this lesson, you will learn how to say ‘Please give me’ in Korean. This useful expression can be used in many situations to ask for things in a polite way.

The Korean words in this lesson are written in both Hangul and English. If you’ve not yet learned how to read the Korean alphabet, check out our complete Korean alphabet guide to help you learn how to read in Korean.

‘Please Give Me’ In Korean

주세요 [ju-se-yo]

‘Please give me’ in Korean is 주세요 [ju-se-yo]. This can be used to ask for things in Korean. Listen to the audio below to hear how to pronounce this expression.

주세요 [ju-se-yo] is made up of the verb 주다, which means ‘to give’, and the polite imperative ending ~(으)세요. Together they make 주세요 [ju-se-yo] which means ‘Please give me.’

Making Sentences With 주세요

To make a sentence with 주세요 [ju-se-yo], you simply add the word for the thing that you want someone to give you before 주세요.

For example, if you want some water you simply say [mul] (water) + 주세요 (please give me) = 물 주세요 [mul ju-se-yo] (Please give me water). Let’s look at some more example sentences with 주세요.

Please give me coffee.커피 주세요. [keo-pi ju-se-yo.]
Please give me beer.맥주 주세요. [maek-ju ju-se-yo.]
Please give me money.돈 주세요. [don ju-se-yo.]
Please give me rice.밥 주세요. [bap ju-se-yo.]

Example Dialogues

Now that you know how to say ‘please give me’ in Korean, let’s look at some example conversations in which you might use 주세요 [ju-se-yo]. These sample dialogues use the words and phrases we covered in previous lessons, so if you need to review these you can find all our Korean lessons here.

At The Store

A: Do you have water?물 있어요?
[mul i-sseo-yo?]
B: Yes, we have water.네. 물 있어요.
[ne. mul i-sseo-yo.]
A: Please give me water.물 주세요.
[mul ju-se-yo.]

At The Restaurant

A: Do you have pizza?피자 있어요?
[pi-ja i-sseo-yo?]
B: No. We don’t have pizza.아니요. 피자 없어요.
[a-ni-yo. pi-ja eop-seo-yo.]
A: Do you have bibimbap?비빔밥 있어요?
[bi-bim-bap i-sseo-yo?
B: Yes, we have bibimbap.네. 비빔밥 있어요.
[ne. bi-bim-bap i-sseo-yo.]
A: Please give me bibimbap.비빔밥 주세요.
[bi-bim-bap ju-se-yo.]

At The Bakery

A: How much is this cake?이 케이크 얼마예요?
[i ke-i-keu eol-ma-ye-yo?]
B: It’s ₩6000.육천원이에요.
A: How much is that cake over there?저 케이크 얼마예요?
[jeo ke-i-keu eol-ma-ye-yo?
B: It’s ₩10,000.만원이에요.
A: Give me this cake, please.이 케이크 주세요.
[i ke-i-keu ju-se-yo.]