Online Korean Lessons

Learn Korean online anytime, anywhere with LearnKorean24’s online Korean lessons. All our online Korean lessons are absolutely free and are designed to help you self-study the Korean language. If you would like to learn Korean online with online Korean classes, then check out our recommended Korean tutors.

Where To Start?

The online Korean lessons below are arranged in units, starting with Korean lessons for beginners. If this is your first time to learn Korean, we suggest you start by learning how to read the Korean alphabet and then work through the Korean lessons below in order.

Unit 1: Korean Basics

These first Korean lessons are for absolute beginners. Start by learning how to read the Korean alphabet. Then work through the lessons in order to learn some basic Korean words and expressions so you can start speaking in Korean.

Unit 2:

In this unit, you will learn some basic Korean grammar, how to conjugate Korean verbs into the present, past, and future tenses, and how to make your own Korean sentences and questions.

Unit 3:

By now you should know how to conjugate Korean verbs into different tenses and how to make basic Korean sentences. In this unit, you will learn some more Korean grammar and how to make longer sentences in Korean.

Unit 4/5/6: Coming Soon

We are working on adding many more free Korean lessons. Check back soon for more.

Korean Irregular Verbs

There are 7 types of Korean irregular verbs/adjectives. These are important to learn because they do not follow the regular conjugation rules. There 7 irregular forms in Korean are:

Learn More Korean

Check out our free Korean vocabulary lists to learn more useful Korean words and check out our Korean language learning blog for lessons about Korean culture and other useful information about learning Korean.