Korean Lessons

Welcome to our free Korean lessons. On this page, you will find all the free Korean lessons from LearnKorean24.com.

The Korean lessons below are arranged in units, starting with Korean lessons for beginners.

If this is your first time to learn Korean, we would suggest you first start by learning how to read the Korean alphabet and then work through the Korean lessons below in order.

At any time, you can also check out our free Korean vocabulary lists to help you improve and expand your Korean vocabulary knowledge.

Unit 1: Korean Basics For Beginners

If you are just starting to learn Korean, then these Korean lessons for beginners are for you. In this first unit, you will learn how to read the Korean alphabet, and basic Korean phrases and expressions to help you start communicating in Korean.

Start with learning the Korean alphabet, and then follow the lessons in order.

Unit 2:

In this unit, you will learn some basic Korean grammar, how to conjugate Korean verbs into the present, past, and future tenses, and how to make your own sentences and questions in Korean.

Unit 3 (Coming Soon)

Unit 4 (Coming Soon)

Unit 5 (Coming Soon)

Korean Irregular Verbs