Super Tuna Lyrics Meaning

Super Tuna Lyrics Meaning | English Translation And Romanization

If you’re a fan of K-pop, you probably know that Jin of BTS recently released a new solo song called 슈퍼 참치 [ syu-peo cham-chi], which means ‘Super Tuna’. The Super Tuna Lyrics are really funny so we put together this post to help you learn the Super Tuna Lyrics and the English meaning so you can sing along. Below you’ll find the Super Tuna Lyrics with the English translation. We’ve also provided the romanized Korean lyrics, so if you can’t read Hangul yet, you can still sing along.

Super Tuna Lyrics And English Translation

Here are the Super Tuna Lyrics (슈퍼 참치) and the meaning of these lyrics:

참치, Hah, 참치, 슈퍼 참 치 = Tuna, Hah, Tuna, Super Tuna

팔딱팔딱 뛰는 가슴 = Flap Flap Goes My Beating Heart
내 물고기는 어디 갔나? = Where’s My Fish gone?
동해 바다, 서해 바다… = East Sea, West Sea…
내 물고기는 어딨을까? = Where’s My Fish?

참치면 어떠하리 = Doesn’t Matter If It’s Tuna
광어면 어떠하리 = Doesn’t Matter If It’s Flatfish
삼치면 어떠하리 = Doesn’t Matter If It’s Mackerel
상어면 어떠하리 = Doesn’t Matter If It’s Shark
내 낚싯대를 물어주오! = Please Bite My Fishing Rod!
그때 마침 참치 내게 = Just Then, The Tuna Asked…
“형 형 나 좀 데려가요” = “Hyeong Hyeong Please Take Me.”

참치, HAH, 참치, Let’s Go! = Tuna, Han, Tuna, Let’s Go!
Woah, Woah, 팔딱팔딱 = Woah, Woah, Flap Flap
Woah, Woah, 슈퍼 참치 = Woah, Woah, Super Tuna!

Super Tuna Lyrics Romanized

If you want to sing along to this song, you probably want to know how to pronounce the Korean lyrics. Here are the Super Tuna Lyrics Romanized so you can easily read and sing along:

참치, Hah, 참치, 슈퍼 참 치 = [Cham-chi, Hah, Cham-chi, Syu-peo Cham-Chi]

팔딱팔딱 뛰는 가슴 = [pal-ttak-pal-ttak ttwi-neun ga-seum]
내 물고기는 어디 갔나? = [nae mul-go-gi-neun eo-di gan-na?]
동해 바다, 서해 바다… = [dong-hae ba-da, seo-hae ba-da…]
내 물고기는 어딨을까? = [nae mul-go-gi-neun eo-di-sseul-kka?]

참치면 어떠하리 = [cham-chi-myeon eo-tteo-ha-ri]
광어면 어떠하리 = [gwang-eo-myeon eo-tteo-ha-ri]
삼치면 어떠하리 = [sam-chi-myeon eo-tteo-ha-ri]
상어면 어떠하리 = [sang-eo-myeon eo-tteo-ha-ri]
내 낚싯대를 물어주오! = [nae nak-ssi-ttae-reul mul-eo-ju-o!]

그때 마침 참치 내게 = [geu-ttae ma-chim cham-chi nae-ge]
“형 형 나 좀 데려가요” = [hyeong hyeong na jom de-ryeo-ga-yo]

참치, HAH, 참치, Let’s Go! = [Cham-chi, Hah, Cham-chi, Let’s Go!]
Woah, Woah, 팔딱팔딱 = [Woah, Woah, pal-ttak-pal-ttak]
Woah, Woah, 슈퍼 참치 = [Woah, Woah, Syu-peo Cham-Chi]

Interesting Words From The Super Tuna Song

For Korean language learners, here are some interesting Korean words you can learn from the Super Tuna Song:

팔딱팔딱 [pal-ttak-pal-ttak]

팔딱팔딱 [pal-ttak-pal-ttak] is a Korean memetic sound word (의태어) which describes both the movement of a beating heart and the movement of a fish flapping. So, the use of this 팔딱팔딱 in this song is a play on words as Jin is describing his beating heart as he longs for his Super Tuna. Learn more about Korean Onomatopoeia and Memetic Sounds.

어떠하리 [eo-tteo-ha-ri]

어떠하리 [eo-tteo-ha-ri] is made up of 어떠하다, which means ‘to be how’, and (으)리 is an old fashioned way to say ‘will be’. So together, 어떠하리 is literally saying ‘what will it be like’. However, when Jin is saying 참치면 어떠하리 the nuance of what he is saying is closer to ‘It doesn’t matter if it’s Tuna.’ So, in the second verse of the song, Jin is saying that it doesn’t matter what kind of fish he catches with his fishing rod, he will be happy if he catches a fish.