Tastes in Korean

Tastes In Korean – Useful Words To Describe Food

Tastes in Korean. This Korean vocabulary lesson is about tastes in Korean. You will learn words about tastes (맛) and textures (식감) so you can describe how food tastes in Korean. Once you have learned these Korean words, you will be able to describe how food tastes in Korean.

Below you’ll find a list of Korean words about tastes with the English translation. You’ll also find some printable flashcards and a worksheet to help you learn this Korean vocabulary about tastes and textures. And, check out the bottom of the page for some useful example sentences you can use when describing food in Korean.

Korean Tastes And Textures

The word for taste in Korean is 맛, and the word for texture is 식감. When describing how food tastes in Korean you can use the following words to describe how the food tastes.

  • 달다 = to be sweet
  • 짜다 = to be salty
  • 시다 = to be sour
  • 쓰다 = to be bitter
  • 맵다 = to be spicy
  • 싱겁다 = to be bland
  • 느끼하다 = to be greasy
  • 뜨겁다 = to be hot
  • 차갑다 = to be cold
  • 질기다 = to be tough
  • 부드럽다 = to be soft
  • 바삭하다 = to be crispy
  • 쫄깃하다 = to be chewy

Korean Tastes And Textures – Flashcards And Worksheet

Tastes in Korean - Flashcards

To help you learn these Korean words about tastes and textures to describe food, you can download these free printable flashcards and a worksheet below.

Example Sentences

Here are some useful example sentences about tastes and describing food in Korean from Korean Arah.

A: 케이크가 어때요? = How’s the cake?
B: 달아요. = It’s sweet.

A: 감자튀김이 어때요? = How are the fries?
B: 짜요. = They’re salty.

A: 주스가 어때요? = How’s the juice?
B: 셔요. = It’s sour.

A: 커피가 어때요? = How’s the coffee?
B: 써요. = It’s bitter.

A: 김치가 어때요? = How’s the kimchi?
B: 매워요. = It’s spicy.

A: 국이 어때요? = How’s the soup?
B: 싱거워요. = It’s bland.

A: 햄버거가 어때요? = How’s the hamburger?
B: 느끼해요. = It’s greasy.

A: 피자가 어때요? = How’s the pizza?
B: 뜨거워요. = It’s hot.

A: 아이스크림이 어때요? = How’s the ice cream?
B: 차가워요. = It’s cold.

A: 빵이 어때요? = How’s the bread?
B: 부드러워요. = It’s soft.

A: 치킨이 어때요? = How’s the chicken?
B: 바삭해요. = It’s crispy.

A: 젤리가 어때요? = How’s the jelly?
B: 쫄깃해요. = It’s chewy.

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