Korean Lesson - Date

Lesson 17: Date

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the Sino-Korean numbers that you learned in the previous lesson to say the date in Korean. By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to ask and answer “What is the date today?” in Korean.

Lesson 17: Date

The word for ‘date’ in Korean is 날짜 [nal-jja]. In order to tell the date in Korean, you need to be able to say the month and the day using Sino-Korean numbers. Luckily, both are super easy. Once you learn how to say the months and the days, you can use this structure to say the date in Korean:

(8)월 (28)일이에요. = It’s (August) (28th).


To say the names of the months in Korean, simply add the corresponding Sino-Korean number before the word 월 [wol] which means ‘month’. So, January is the first month, right? So, January in Korean is 1월 [i-rwol]. Easy right? Here are the 12 months in Korean. If you would like to download and print these words, check out our vocabulary page about Months In Korean.

  • 1월 [i-rwol] = January
  • 2월 [i-wol] = February
  • 3월 [sa-mwol] = March
  • 4월 [sa-wol] = April
  • 5월 [o-wol] = May
  • 6월 [yu-wol] = June*
  • 7월 [chi-rwol] = July
  • 8월 [pa-rwol] = August
  • 9월 [gu-wol] = September
  • 10월 [si-wol] = October*
  • 11월 [si-bi-rwol] = November
  • 12월 [si-bi-wol] = December

*Please note the months of June and October are pronounced a little differently. June is the sixth month and 6 is 육 in Korean. But June is not 육월 but rather 유월 [yu-wol]. And October is not 십월 but rather 시월 [si-wol].


To say the day, you simply add the word 일 [il] (day) after the Sino-Korean number. For example, the 5th of a month would be 5일 [o-il], and the ninth of a month would be 9일 [gu-il].

Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences. If you would like some more practice exercises, check out our complete guide to how to write the date in Korean.

*몇 월 며칠이에요? [myeot wol myeo-chi-ri-e-yo?] = What is the date?
(Literally “What month, what day is it?”)
2월 15일이에요. [i-wol si-bo-i-ri-e-yo] = It’s February 15th.

오늘 며칠이에요? [o-neul myeo-chi-ri-e-yo?] = What is the date today?
3월 4일이에요. [sa-mwol sa-i-ri-e-yo] = It’s March 4th.

생일이 언제예요? [saeng-i-ri eon-je-ye-yo?] = When is your birthday?
8월 20일이에요. [pa-rwol i-si-bi-ri-e-yo] = It’s August 20th.

*Please note 몇 월 in the sentence can be dropped in real conversations. So ‘며칠이에요?’ is often used to say ‘What’s the date?’ in Korean.