Months In Korean

Learning months in Korean is super easy once you have learned Korean numbers.

The word for month in Korean is 월. To say a month of the year in Korean simply add the sino-Korean number for that month before the word 월. For example, January is the first month right? The Korean for number 1 is 일. So, January in Korean is 일+월 = 일월. Easy right?

This is the same for the other months of the year except June and October which are pronounced a little differently. June is the sixth month and 6 is 육 in Korean. But June is not 육월. June is 유월. And October is not 십월 but rather 시월.

Below is a list of months in Korean. Try to read each word and then click on the audio to check the correct pronunciation. Then, try the practice exercise below to help you memorize the months of the year.

You can also download Korean months of the year flashcards and a printable worksheet at the bottom of the page to help you study months in Korean.

Months In Korean

January일월 (1 월)
February이월 (2 월)
March삼월 (3 월)
April사월 (4 월)
May오월 (5 월)
June유월 (6 월)
July칠월 (7 월)
August팔월 (8 월)
September구월 (9 월)
October시월 (10 월)
November십일월 (11 월)
December십이월 (12 월)

Download printable flashcards and a worksheet to help you learn months in Korean.

Review Quiz

Think you know months in Korean? Try this review quiz and see how many months in Korean you can remember.