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Months In Korean
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The months of the year in Korean are:

  • 일월 [i-rwol] = January
  • 이월 [i-wol] = February
  • 삼월 [sam-wol] = March
  • 사월 [sa-wol] = April
  • 오월 [o-wol] = May
  • 유월 [yu-wol] = June
  • 칠월 [chil-wol] = July
  • 팔월 [pal-wol] = August
  • 구월 [gu-wol] = September
  • 시월 [si-wol] = October
  • 십일월 [sip-i-rwol] = November
  • 십이월 [sip-i-wol] = December

How To Learn Months In Korean

It is super easy to learn the names of months in Korean once you know Sino-Korean numbers 1 to 12. The word for ‘month’ in Korean is 월 [wol], and the name of each month in Korean is simply the number of that month plus 월. For example, the first month is January, and so January in Korean is 일 (one) + 월 (month) = 일월 [i-rwol]. Easy right?

One important thing to note is that the months of June and October are pronounced a little differently. June is the sixth month, and ‘six’ is 육 in Korean. But June is not 육월 but rather 유월 [yu-wol]. And October is not 십월 but rather 시월 [si-wol].

How To Pronounce The Months In Korean

Here is a useful video to help you learn how to pronounce the Korean months of the year. Each month is read aloud by a native Korean speaker.

Months In Korean PDF

Months In Korean

Months In Korean Quiz

Ready to test your knowledge of the names of months in Korean? Try the quiz below!

Korean Months Of The Year Quiz

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