Korean Alphabet Flashcards

Free Korean Alphabet Flashcards

If you’re learning how to read Hangeul then these free Korean alphabet flashcards will definitely come in handy! Below you’ll find a set of Korean alphabet flashcards for learning all the Korean consonants and vowels. Each flashcard includes the Korean character plus pictures and instructions on how to pronounce each letter.

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Korean Alphabet Flashcards

How To Use

To use these Korean alphabet flashcards, first, download and print the PDF flashcards above. Next, cut along the dashed line and then fold the flashcards along the solid line and glue/tape them down. Once you have done this, you should have a Korean character on one side and instructions on how to pronounce the letter on the other.

Once you have prepared the flashcards, it’s time to learn the letter sounds. Flashcards are a great way to help you memorize the Korean alphabet sounds. Begin with the letter side of the flashcards face up and try to say each letter out loud. Then, turn over the flashcard to check if you were correct.

Once you are able to consistently say the letter sounds correctly, sort the flashcards into two piles. One pile with letters you struggle to remember, and one pile with letters you can easily remember. Continue practicing like this until you can remember all the letters of the Korean alphabet.

I hope you find these Korean alphabet flashcards useful! If you’ve not done so already, check out our complete guide to how to read the Korean alphabet where you can listen to a native speaker pronounce each letter sound, and learn how to read syllables and words. Already mastered the Korean alphabet? Get started with our free Korean Course.