Korean Language About Love And Dating

Korean Language About Love And Dating

In this vocabulary lesson, you will learn lots of useful Korean language about love and dating. You’ll find a list of love words in Korean and some example expressions you can use to talk about love and dating in Korean.

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Korean Love And Dating Words

Korean Love and Dating Words

Here is a useful list of Korean words you can use to talk about love and dating. Just for fun, we tried to put these love words / dating words in the order in which you might use them when you start dating someone for the first time.

blind date소개팅
to meet만나다
to have a crush반하다
to go out (dating)사귀다
to like좋아하다
skinship (touching by holding hands, hugging, etc)스킨십
to hold hands손을 잡다
to link arms팔짱을 끼다
to hug포옹하다
to kiss뽀뽀
to break up헤어지다
to miss (someone)그리워하다
to get over/to forget잊다
ideal type이상형
boyfriend남자 친구
girlfriend여자 친구
to love사랑하다
to propose청혼하다
to marry결혼하다

Korean Love And Dating Expressions

Here are some useful example sentences using the above Korean words about love:

  • 소개팅을 했어요. = I had a blind date.
  • 소개팅에서 괜찮은 사람을 만났어요. = I met a nice person on a blind date.
  • 그 사람한테 첫눈에 반했어요. = I had a crush on him/her at first sight.
  • 그 사람하고 사귀었어요. = I went out with him/her.
  • 우리는 서로를 좋아했어요. = We liked each other.
  • 우리는 스킨십을 했어요. = We did ‘skinship’. (Skinship is holding hands, linking arms, hugging, etc).
  • 손을 잡고 팔짱을 끼고 포옹했어요. = We held hands, linked arms, and hugged.
  • 그 사람하고 뽀뽀도 했어요. = I kissed him/her, too.
  • 그 사람하고 헤어졌어요. = I broke up with him/her.
  • 그 사람을 그리워했어요. = I missed him/her.
  • 그 사람을 잊었어요. = I got over him/her.
  • 괜찮은 사람과 데이트를 했어요. = I dated a nice person.
  • 그 사람은 제 이상형이었어요. = He/she was my ideal type.
  • 남자/여자 친구가 생겼어요. = I got a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • 우리는 서로를 사랑했어요. = We loved each other.
  • 그 사람이 저한테 청혼했어요. = He/she proposed to me.
  • 나랑 결혼해 줄래? = Will you marry me?
  • 우리는 결혼식을 올렸어요. = We had a wedding ceremony.
  • 그 후로 오래오래 행복하게 살았어요. = We lived happily ever after.