Crazy In Korean

Michyeosseo? – How To Say Crazy In Korean

Learn how to say “crazy” in Korean! If you’re a fan of Korean drama, you’ve probably heard characters say “Michyeosseo” and “Michigetda” when they want to say “crazy” or “I’m going crazy” in Korean. Although this word can be quite rude, once you learn how to say crazy in Korean you’ll be surprised just how many times you hear this expression used in Korean dramas and pop songs.

Crazy In Korean

Korean Word For Crazy

“Crazy” in Korean is 미쳤어 [mi-cheo-sseo]. 미쳤어 is the past tense form of the verb 미치다 which means ‘to go crazy’. The past tense is used because it describes a person or situation that has already ‘gone crazy’. So, 미쳤어 [mi-cheo-sseo] literally means ‘someone or something became crazy’ and so you can use this expression when you want to say things like “You’re crazy”, “I’m crazy”, and “It’s crazy”.

미쳤어 [mi-cheo-sseo] should only be used with people you are close to because it is an informal expression and can actually sound quite rude. The polite way to say crazy in Korean would be 미쳤어요 [mi-cheo-sseo-yo] and the formal way to say crazy would be 미쳤습니다 [mi-cheo-sseum-ni-da], but we would not recommend you use these expressions. This is because if you are in a situation in which you would need to use polite or formal language, then you probably shouldn’t be using the word for ‘crazy’ in the first place.

Are You Crazy? In Korean

Are You Crazy In Korean

“Are you crazy?” in Korean is 미쳤어? [mi-cheo-sseo]. As you can see it is the same word for crazy in Korean with a question mark added. To ask “Are you crazy?” all you need to do is say 미쳤어? [mi-cheo-sseo] and raise your intonation at the end to indicate it’s a question.

I’m Going Crazy In Korean

I'm Going Crazy In Korean

If you want to say “I’m going crazy” or “It’s driving me crazy” in Korean, you can say 미치겠다 [mi-chi-get-da]. This is the verb 미치다 (to go crazy) plus the ending which means ‘feel’ or ‘I guess’. So, 미치겠다 literally means ‘I feel I am going crazy’.

Related Expressions

  • 제정신이야? [je-jeong-si-ni-ya] = Are you crazy? Are you insane?
  • 정신 나갔어? [jeong-sin na-ga-sseo] = Are you crazy? Are you insane?
  • 말도 안 돼 [mal-do an dwae]! = It’s crazy!
  • 정상이 아니야 [jeong-sang-i a-ni-ya] = You are crazy.

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