Movie Genres In Korean – 영화 장르

Movie Genres In Korean
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In this Korean vocabulary lesson, you will learn about movie genres in Korean. Everyone enjoys watching a good movie. Once you learn the Korean words for different movie genres, you’ll be able to talk about movies in Korean and what kinds of movies you like.

Below you’ll find a list of movie genres in Korean with the English meaning. You’ll also find some free flashcards, a worksheet, and some useful example sentences to help you talk about movie genres and the kinds of movies you like in Korean.

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Movie Genres In Korean

The word for movie genres in Korean is 영화 장르. Here is a list of movie genres in Korean:

  • 공포 = horror
  • 액션 = action
  • 가족 = family
  • 전쟁 = war
  • 만화 / 애니메이션 = animation
  • 코미디 = comedy
  • 스릴러 = thriller
  • 로맨스 = romance
  • 뮤지컬 = musical
  • 공상 과학 / 에스에프 = science fiction

Movie Genres In Korean – Flashcards and Worksheet

Movie Genres in Korean - Flashcards

To help you learn these words for movie genres in Korean, you can download these Korean movie genre flashcards and a worksheet below.

Talking About Movies In Korean – Example Sentences

When talking about movies in Korean, you may want to ask someone about what kids of movies do they like and tell them about the movies that you like to watch. Here are some useful example sentences you can use to talk about movies in Korean.

어떤 영화 좋아해요? = What Movies Do You Like?

What Movies Do You Like In Korean

저는 공포 영화 좋아해요 = I like horror movies.

Horror Movies In Korean

저는 액션 영화 좋아해요 = I like action movies.

Action Movies in Korean

저는 가족 영화 좋아해요 = I like family movies.

Family Movies In Korean

저는 전쟁 영화 좋아해요 = I like war movies.

War Movies In Korean

저는 만화 영화 좋아해요 = I like animation movies.

Animation Movies In Korean

저는 코미디 영화 좋아해요 = I like comedy movies.

Comedy Movies In Korean

저는 스릴러 영화 좋아해요 = I like thriller movies.

Thriller Movies In Korean

저는 로맨스 영화 좋아해요 = I like romance movies.

Romance Movies In Korean

저는 뮤지컬 영화 좋아해요 = I like musicals.

Musical Movies In Korean

저는 공상 과학 영화 좋아해요 = I like science fiction movies.

Sci-Fi Movies In Korean

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