To Decide in Korean

To Decide | ~기로 하다

In this Korean lesson, you will how to use ~기로 하다, which means ‘to decide’ in Korean. ~기로 하다 is used when you want to talk about a decision or plan. Examples in English would be sentences like “I decided to study hard from tomorrow”, “I decided to eat salad for lunch”, etc.

~기로 하다 Conjugation

To use ~기로 하다 in a sentence, you must first attach ~기로 하다 to a verb stem and then you must change ~기로 하다 into the past tense. See the table below.

~기로 하다Past Tense
(to go)
가기로 하다
(to decide to go)
가기로 했어요
(I decided to go)
(to eat)
먹기로 하다
(to decide to eat)
먹기로 했어요
(I decided to eat)
(to exercise)
운동하기로 하다
(to decide to exercise)
운동하기로 했어요
(I decided to exercise)
(to study)
공부하기로 하다
(to decide to study)
공부하기로 했어요
(I decided to study)

~기로 하다 Example Sentences

Here are some example sentences using ~기로 하다:

I decided to study hard from tomorrow.내일부터 열심히 공부하기로 했어요.
I decided to eat salad for lunch점심에 샐러드를 먹기로 했어요.
I decided to exercise every weekend.주말마다 운동하기로 했어요.
I decided to go to the beach at the weekend.주말에 해수욕장에 가기로 했어요.