Korean Irregular ㄷ - ㄷ 불규칙

Irregular Korean Verbs With ㄷ(ㄷ 불규칙)

In this lesson, you will learn about irregular Korean verbs with ㄷ (ㄷ 불규칙). Most verbs and adjectives which end in ㄷ are not irregular and so they follow the normal conjugation rules. However, there are some irregular ㄷ verbs that are conjugated differently.

Below you will find a list of irregular ㄷ verbs in Korean and you will learn how to conjugate irregular ㄷ verbs. You’ll also find a list of regular ㄷ verbs.

ㄷ Irregular (ㄷ 불규칙)

There is no particular way to tell whether a verb is regular or irregular, and so it is best to simply memorize these verbs/adjectives.

Here is a list of irregular verbs followed by a list of regular verbs:

Irregular ㄷ Verbs

  • 걷다 – to walk
  • 듣다 – to listen
  • 묻다 – to ask
  • 싣다 – to load
  • 깨닫다 – to realize
  • 붇다 – to swell up (with water)
  • 긷다 – to draw water

Regular ㄷ Verbs

  • 닫다 – to close
  • 믿다 – to believe
  • 받다 – to receive
  • 얻다 – to get
  • 묻다 – to bury
  • 쏟다 – to pour
  • 돋다 – to rise
  • 곧다 – to be straight
  • 굳다 – to harden
  • 딛다 – to step
  • 내딛다 – to step forward

Download and print this list of irregular ㄷ verbs.

Irregular Verbs List - ㄷ

How To Conjugate Irregular ㄷ Verbs (ㄷ 불규칙)

As was mentioned above, most verbs which end in ㄷ are regular verbs and so they are conjugated just like any other verbs. For example, when conjugating a verb into the present tense, with regular verbs you simply add 아요 or 어요. 닫다 is a regular verb and so in the present tense 닫다 becomes 닫아요. As you can see, the verb stem doesn’t change as this is a regular verb.

Irregular ㄷ verbs do not follow the normal conjugation rules. Here are the key things to remember when conjugating irregular ㄷ verbs.

1. Irregular verbs ending in ㄷ only behave irregularly when an ending which starts with a vowel is attached.

For example, endings such as 아요/어요 (present tense), 아서/어서 (so), -(으)면 (if), etc, start with a vowel, and so when these endings are attached to an irregular ㄷ verb, these verbs behave irregularly.

When irregular ㄷ verbs are conjugated with endings starting with a consonant, they do not behave irregularly. That is to say, they are conjugated just the same as regular verbs.

2. When conjugating irregular ㄷ verbs with endings that start with a vowel, ㄷ is replaced by ㄹ before adding the ending.

For example, the verb 듣다 (to listen) is an irregular ㄷ verb. So, if we want to conjugate this verb in the present tense (아요/어요) we must replace ㄷ with ㄹ before adding the ending 어요. 듣다 becomes 들어요 in the present tense.

3. With endings starting with 아 or 어, the vowel that comes before ㄷ determines whether 아 or 어 is used in the ending.

For example, when you want to conjugate an irregular ㄷ verb in the present tense (아요/어요) you must choose either 아요 or 어요 to add. The one you choose is determined by the vowel which comes before ㄷ in the verb stem.

If the vowel before ㄷ is 아 or 오, then the ending starting with 아 should be used.

For example, the vowel before ㄷ in 깨닫다 (to realize) is ㅏ. So, the ending starting with 아 should be used.

깨닫다 = to realize
깨달아요 = realize (present tense)
깨달았어요 = realized (past tense)

If the vowel before ㄷ is NOT 아 or 오, then the ending starting with 어 should be used.

For example, the vowel before ㄷ in the verb 듣다 (to listen) is not ㅏ or ㅓ. So, we must choose the ending starting with 어.

듣다 = to listen
들어요 = listen (present tense)
들었어요 = listened (past tense)

Irregular ㄷ Examples

Here are some examples of irregular ㄷ verbs conjugated with some common endings.

Irregular Verb아요/어요았어요/었어요(으)면
(to walk)
(to listen)
(to ask)
(to load)
(to realize)
(to swell up)
(to draw water)

Irregular ㄷ Example Sentences

Here are some useful irregular ㄷ example sentences.

  • 저는 클래식 음악을 자주 들어요. (듣다) = I often listen to classical music.
  • 저는 아침마다 집에서 학교까지 걸러요. (걷다) = I walk from my house to school every morning.
  • 궁금한 거 있으면 물어보세요. (묻다) = If there is something you are curious about, please ask.

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